Cortland Farms Landscaping Information

The goal of the Cortland Farms Board of Directors is to protect property values.  One way of doing that is through planned landscaping. An attractive design with lush greenery has a huge impact on the overall appeal of the Association and will help attract new homeowners.   

An effective landscaping plan requires:

  •      Using an approved Plant Color Palette with low maintenance, sustainable plantings.
  •      Following the Rules and Regulations.
  •      Limiting Lawn Ornaments and monitoring the condition of Outdoor Furniture, particularly in the front yard and other highly visible         areas of the neighborhood.

Authorized color palette 

The palette Includes a large number of evergreens, red color shrubs/trees with a mixture of flowering bushes.  Mulch areas must have a majority of evergreen plants to provide greenery all year long.

Approved Plants

Small Shrubs:  1 to 2′ Blue Star JuniperPigmy BarberrySpiraeaRussian CypressDaphnePotentilla

Medium /sized Shrubs:  2 to 3′ Boxwood (Green Mountain or Green Velvet), Holly Shrubs, Burning Bush (Dwarf) HydrangeaWeigela (Wine and Rose variety)ForsythiaBayberry, Lilac (dwarf & Common), Ornamental GrassesRose of Sharon, Ninebark.

Low Growing shrubs:  Evergreen options

Ornamental Trees:  Emerald Green Arborvitaes, DogwoodRedbudMagnolia (varieties), Japanese MapleRed MapleSunset Maple, Hydrangea.  

If you would prefer other options, please contact the Landscaping Board member for approval.


Perennials and annuals:

Owners are allowed to add perennials and annuals to enhance their areas.  Owners will be responsible for their maintenance.  Ground covers are not encouraged.  Owners will be required to keep them from taking over the entire mulch area.






Owners must submit a proposed plan when removing current landscaping and/or planting new shrubs/trees.  Work must be done by the Association’s landscaper. an approved insured landscaping contractor or the owner.  All alterations must be approved before work begins.